"There's Going To Be Bloodshed" – Charles Jaco on American Lunatics

It's a Jaco of the Week done by the man himself

Charles Jaco did not disappoint. You’re going to need to hear this one.

He tells stories of flipping off angry Panamanians as he fled in a helicopter, getting beaten close to death for his reporting, and (taking the most courage of all) finally writing his novel.

He gives hot takes on schmaltzy NBC star reporters, the Marilyn Monroe theory of diplomacy, and teabagging Trump supporters.

He shares hard-earned tales of reporting that we rarely see these days, like talking to real people in the Middle East, exposing Todd Akin in the infamous ‘legitimate rape’ interview, and heading into war zones to cover the Gulf War.

And just wait until you hear our second guest in a row (hi, Chris Hedges) predict an impending civil war.

"In 30 years, the United States as a functioning democracy is not going to resemble anything we see right now, one way or the other, simply because you cannot sustain a viable country when you have a cult that doesn't value facts or truth and are heavily armed. There's going to be major bloodshed.”

It gets a little dark.

It’s a jam-packed interview with a guest we’ve built up for months. And he was worth the wait. Watch it here.