The True Lies of Russiagate Revealed

With some help from Rachel Maddow and Aaron Maté

“The FBI was told that Papadopoulos apparently ‘was given a suggestion of some kind of suggestion.’”

BOOM! Case closed. Russiagate is REAL. Rachel Maddow 1, Maté and Taibbi 0. It’s irrefutable, right? ‘A suggestion of a suggestion.’ That’s a real quote from the official story of how the Steele dossier investigation began.

In the eyes of other journalists, Aaron Maté and Matt Taibbi have gone from disgruntled truth deniers to accepted in the mainstream as everyone else slowly comes to terms with the fact that Russiagate probably wasn’t so real (spoiler alert).

And as new indictments are coming out against Danchenko and other Russiagate propagators, we look back on our years of obsessive journalism and ask: What was real and what was definitely fake.

It’s a crash course in Russiagate with only a little bit of gloating. And you can watch it here. Check it out now.