Rania Khalek on Syria and Getting Cancelled, Plus a Reading of Madam Speaker

Katie sits down in person(!) with journalist Rania Khalek of BreakThrough News while Matt reads his favorite passages from the new book about Nancy Pelosi.

Rania Khalek of BreakThrough News talks with Katie about the US’s terrible handling of Syria and shares her anti-war message… The same one that got her falsely accused of being an Assadist. Your Useful Idiots got cancelled for the same thing, and all we did was demand Rolling Stone to make Bashar our third co-host!

Also in this subscriber-only episode of Useful Idiots:

–Rania discusses how sanctions on foreign countries don’t just hurt the economy, but ruin a nation’s culture and education

–More readings of the absurd tweets of Oz Katerji as your Useful Producer gets closer to finding his music

–Katie’s mom, dad, and dogs steal the show in the background

–Matt and Katie read Madam Secretary to get the inside scoop on Nancy Pelosi’s genius clothing choices and her view on big, showy displays in politics (hint: it’s only okay if she’s doing it)

To hear the interview and reading, click here.