Aaron Maté on Syria, Plus Joe Biden Tells You to F*ck Off

Skyping from Syria, Maté discusses Caesar Sanctions on Syria and real journalism in this extended interview, while Matt and Katie lampoon Biden's loving message to Haitians: GTFO.

“What’s the point of being in journalism if you’re not going to go some place because the government is deemed to be a bad guy by your government? That’s not journalism.”

This from accused-Assadist Aaron Maté, whose anti-war message has left him canceled by Twitter and ignored by mainstream media. The Grayzone journalist discusses integrity in journalism, why he thinks the US should step away from Syria, and the aggressive Caesar sanctions:

“Ask most people: have you ever heard of the Caesar sanctions? Did you know that we’re currently preventing Syria from importing the materials it needs to rebuild, or from importing medicine and food?”

The answer for most is no.

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–Maté discusses his views on Syria: “No state has the right to come in and destroy the state because they want to change the government.”

–Matt and Katie dissect US hypocrisy on immigration: “Don’t come here (because we’re a racist country).”

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