A Disappointed Soldier: Afghanistan Veteran Eulogizes a Pointless War

Author Adrian Bonenberger decries the frustrating and wasteful years of war with stories from his time at the front in this extended interview

“But maybe that task was always doomed because whoever was supposed to be helping the Afghans stand up a durable government failed in that task. And maybe whatever efforts we put into building that democracy were just sort of doomed from the outset.”

Adrian Bonenberger, author and military leader who spent two tours in Afghanistan, is fed up with this war. In fact, he has been for a while.

“That's what we were doing for 20 years,” he says in this extended interview with Matt and Katie. “Just kind of spinning our wheels, killing people that we said were high value targets.”

And while Kabul falls, more people are dying, and corporate media calls this the wrong decision, Bonenberger stands by Biden’s move. This war has killed hundreds of thousands, and while the pullout went exactly opposite of what we hoped, it’s still a path to ending the war.

“It can't, it can't go on. We’ve got to cut this shit out, you know? Cause it's going to get us all killed one of these days.”

It’s an important interview about the longest war in US history. And hopefully it can stand as a final eulogy to a lot of suffering.

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